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作为五年最正规外围足球网站跨越100倡议的一部分, the University will work with 20个社区collaboratives to expand and deepen education and employment pathways for young adults aged 16-24 who are out of school and work. 

Anita Brown-Graham, Gladys Hall Coates Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government and leader of the 卡罗来纳100人倡议, 讨论了“足球外围官网登录的国家, 足球外围官网登录的工作:连接年轻人与他们的未来" at an event at the Orange County campus of Durham Technical Community College. (摄影:Jon Gardiner/最正规外围足球网站)

最正规外围足球网站 announced today a statewide program to help connect young adults to employment. 作为其五年计划的一部分 卡罗来纳100人倡议最正规外围足球网站将与之合作20个社区collaborativesto expand and deepen education and employment pathways for young adults aged 16 to 24 who are out of school and work. 

与社区合作伙伴和全州领导一起努力, called “Our State, 足球外围官网登录的工作:连接年轻人与他们的未来,“总理凯文·M. Guskiewicz made the announcement at the Orange County campus of Durham Technical Community College. 

“So many people across North Carolina are facing disproportionate burdens and challenges because of COVID-19,” Guskiewicz said. “卡在100 will leverage the University’s expertise and research and work with所有100个县的社区来解决这些问题. 这一举措对于足球外围官网登录作为一所大学来说至关重要. It builds upon our commitment to public service while also preparing the next generation of leaders to solve the grand challenges of our time.” 


The U.S. labor market has been in turmoil since the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020. People lost their jobs as businesses and other organizations closed their doors or laid off staff as revenues fell. Others left jobs to care for dependents as daycare and eldercare establishments closed. Some of these employers have now reopened or even expanded but are struggling to hire and retain employees. 

Nationally, the overall unemployment rate for workers 16-24 jumped to 24.2020年春季为4%,而同期为11%.25岁及以上的员工占3%. Those with the lowest levels of education — below a high school diploma — fared the worst. Already this group — called “opportunity youth” — had a higher percentage of people living in poverty than non-opportunity youth in 2019 (31% versus 16%).  


Anita Brown-Graham, Gladys Hall Coates Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government, 领导最正规外围足球网站跨越100人倡议. 她在政府学院的团队调查了3个,私下里有5000北卡罗来纳州人, 公共和非营利性部门, 代表全州100个县. 

Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz在讲台上讲话.

Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz宣布了“足球外围官网登录的州”, 足球外围官网登录的工作:连接年轻人与他们的未来” project on March 16. (摄影:Jon Gardiner/最正规外围足球网站)

“We started this work by listening to people across the state so that we could better understand the ways that COVID-19 has created or exacerbated challenges for their organizations and communities,”Brown-Graham说. 回应是压倒性的, and one area that stood out as especially challenging was the concern for ensuring our workforce could meet the demand for high-quality job opportunities.” 


  • Facilitating a cross-sector collaboration process that allows the participating communities to be confident that they have brought the right stakeholders (e.g., schools, 以社区为基础的项目, 高等教育机构, employers, youth leaders and government agencies) to the table to successfully remove barriers and improve the systems that serve opportunity youth. 
  • Offering a menu of supports to which participating communities have access (e.g. evidence-based programming aimed at meeting educational and non-academic needs of the target population, career counseling, 高需求micro-credentials, 资源,以更有效地营销现有的项目, 引导有机会的青年参加聆听会议, technical assistance and resources for employers seeking to hire and retain opportunity youth, 项目管理, 讲述机遇青年的经历和成就, 有关资助机会及申请资助书的资料). 

Tai Huynh is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and a member of the Chapel Hill Town Council. 他解释说,这是因为他的父母是来自越南的难民, 他的父亲和祖父都是商人, 这一倡议对他很重要.

“This will ensure that members of our community for whom four-year college is not a feasible or desired path after high school are given the opportunity to learn and earn a living wage,” Huynh said. “I’m excited for what this program will do to develop our labor market, 吸引新雇主, and expand employment opportunities in the skilled construction trades, biotech, health technology, 网络安全和其他高需求的职业.” 

卡在100 is a five-year initiative whose goal is to aid community-driven recovery and build sustainable efforts in all 100 counties by providing human resources, data insights, coaching, facilitation, 协调工作和方案设计.